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The Stone: GOLET Reviewed

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So this time around I will be reviewing the album Golet  by Serbian black metal hooligans The Stone released by Folter Records from Germany. My first contact with The Stone was when they opened up for Vulcano and Nifelheim in Halmstad Sweden a while back ( I reviewed  the show here) and I was so impressed by the band that I asked them for some promo cds, and they gladly gave some to me!

So being super impressed by The Stones live act I now turn my attention to their album Golet
What is blasted into my ears is high energy black metal, modern sounding with some real personality. And what I mean with this is that this band has a bit of their own sound, sure it is not like they have re-invented the spike and leather infested wheel, but they does not sound like the so many other clone bands out there. Sure I get some Lord Belial and Dark Funeral vibes here and there, and even some more melodic death metal in some of the riffing, but I do not get the "plagiarism blues" like many other black metal give me. There is playfulness in the songs that you generally never hear in black metal. It feels like these guys are not pinned down by a mold and are creating music not trying to just do black metal, (if this makes any sense to you).

The songs are super dynamic with tempos going up and down like a rollercoaster, and this makes the listening experience the more enjoyable. There are a lot of fast blasting part and thrash beats, but there are also allot and I do mean allot of slower almost doomy parts, and this is for me bliss, me being a big doom fan. And having the vocalist scream over these parts is the high point for me, just check out around the 3 minute mark on the opening track Sekao duboko, zakopao plitko pure magic! Some songs also contain some thrashy elements which brings the Belgian black metal masters Enthroned to mind, and they might be a better comparison, since they are also a highly dynamic band with their own sound. Something that The Stone also have in common with Enthroned is that they have guitar solos. If you ask me the solos that The Stone has are way better. Again turn your attention to the first song, and there you will hear a beautiful solo. But there are a few more scattered on this record. And they are played very well, they are no shred fests but they are more based on melody and mood, and in my not so humble opinion that is way better, and it fits the music better.  So, a big tip of the hat to the solo guitar player.  The solo on the fifth track Darkness Shatters me Towards the Dead is simply spot on.
And now that I'm finished with my wanking off the guitar player(s?) I will turn my attention to the drummer since this gentlemen surly deserves some appreciation. He does exactly what you can expect from a skilled drummer in this kinds of music, but there is a but, and what a glorious but it is. He is throwing in some really cool technical parts in the mix, adding some killer breaks and cool fills. Stuff that isn't typical of black metal drumming, this was actually one of the things that caught my attention when I saw these fellows live. So, if you meet this guy while spelunking, give him my regards.

The vocals are your typical black metal screams and grunts, the singer does a great job and he keeps it interesting. The vocals are not that varied but still good, since the vocal lines are well crafted. I can mention that more than half of the songs are in Serbian and the remaining are in English. To be honest I did not realize this until I turned to the bands profile at metal archives to do some snooping around.

This is a great sounding record, everything is crisp and clear. I haven't got too much to say about it, it is what it should be for a band at this level. The guitar tone is great and the drums sound powerful, and the bass is there being all nasty in the background.

So... let's not drag this out any more, Golet is a great record, buy it!

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Golet 2011
1. Sekao duboko, zakopao plitko
2. All Graves Gaping Wide
3. Nikad bliži smrti
4. Golet
5. Darkness Shatters Me Towards the Dead
6. Pred licem novog boga
7. Barren Earth in Cold Death's Hands
8. Humke

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  1. Wait to here UMRO and MAGLA!!! But first Some Wounds, Slovenska Krv and Zakon Velesa!!! Golet is good album but all previous albums are better!!! Hail from Serbia