Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Destiny Project: New Remix Contest and New Video Clip!

Another Destiny Project have joined the remix contest for the new song by DEVICE "You Think You Know"

You can listen, comment and share clicking HERE!

"We are also very happy to have received a beautiful gift from a fan, a wonderful Clip with soundtrack our new song "The Meaning Of Life"
A wonderful and very full of feelings work that we think really represents the sense of the song!" Adds the band.

And invites:
"Are you a band, musician, dj, photographer, painter, sculptor, director, producer etc... And want to use the Another Destiny Project music for you work? You are allowed and you' re welcome to do! We can share our arts to reach more people! If you also share the ideas, of the Another Destiny Project, and you want to collaborate with Another Destiny Project to create something together, wants more information, submit music for a remix etc.. contact us by mail or Facebook!"

Another Destiny Project is the personal music plan of the producer, composer and guitarist Peter Pahor. All the music the lyrics and the arts concepts are an idea and are produced by Peter Pahor. Another Destiny Project music is a mix of different genres that want to be completely free and independent. No intermediaries between musician and listeners. No labels that can guide the songwriting but only inspirations and feelings. This is the concept that Another Destiny Project music want to bring to people that listen music.

Remember to share, Another Destiny Project works to give us an hand to carry on! "Don't fight for slavery! Fight for liberty!" Support!

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