Wednesday, June 5, 2013

COLOSSUS Releases New Video Clip "Transgressor"

Time & Eternal album for sale by Colossus Christian Hardcore is scheduled to be released Jun 11, 2013 on the Facedown label. For now, the band have posted a new video clip directed by Dustin Racen for the song "Transgressor", check it out below.

1. Time
2. Superficial Saviour
3. Counterfeit Kingdoms
4. Dirge
5. Bereavement
6. Transgressor
7. Pentecost
8. Beacons
9. Approaching the Throne
10. Eternal

Before I knew you I was scum of earth, empty and broken from the moment of birth. Without you I am no one. 
All we are is filthy dust if I were him I wouldn't claim us. We are all dirty thieves, doing what we want when we please. Who will save me from this body of death, a miracle from every breath. Empty and broken body of death. 
I gaze into this void of problems and I see myself begging for help. 
Once you choose your path there is no turning back. It's everything or nothing - it's now or never staring face to face with forever. 
Don't choke, swallow your pride - everyone deserves to die. 
As far as I can tell we should all be burning in hell. Only your grace can save, just and supreme forever sovereign He reigns.
I gaze into this void of problems and I see myself begging for help. 
How can we live our lives as if they were our own how could we call this place our home. We are the heirs to the throne.

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