Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The GARDNERZ new Single "Exiting Reality" available now as free download!

Swedish Doom / Death Metal band The GARDNERZ have made available their new single "Exiting Reality" for free download at the following link.

"Exiting Reality" features two all new tracks and was recorded at Funky Cat studios, Armageddon Studio and Natas Senip Studio.

The band had this to say about the single:
"With this release we want to affirm our standing as the most interesting and versatile doom/death band around these days. When most bands play it safe, we try to go our own way and incorporate all kinds of twists and turns into our music. I think this is our best sounding release and our most interesting work to date. This being our second release with this line up, I feel that we have really hit our stride and everyone knows what to do to make the sweet music we call deadly doom.
Lyrically both songs are linked and therefore being Part one and two, Part one deals with an awakening. To see things for what they are, what impact your actions has on your surroundings and the ones around you. Part two is about the liberation from all that. A closure if you like. 
We feel certain that these two songs will leave you longing for more of our epic doom/death metal."

"The Gardnerz suffered a noticeable maturation not only of sound but of composition and production too. With all the instruments in harmony, an insane string performance by Wilhelm, a clear evolution of Francisco bass, a wider vocal technique of Niclas and a powerful drumming of Vedran, "Exiting Reality" will make you beg for more!" Pedro Ribeiro - HeavyHardMetalmania

"It's much to take in because the music is so interesting and moody. It's not just the vocals, the whole music changes mood drastically yet somehow logically and keeps doing that without throwing us off... ...It's just two songs yet so much is contained within, like a mythological tale that has to be heard over and over again to be understood." Kunal Choksi - Transcending Obscurity

Vocals: Niclas Ankarbranth
Guitars: Wilhelm Lindh
Bass: Francisco Martín
Drums: Vedran Benčić

THE GARDNERZ is a doomy death metal band from the south of Sweden, the band was formed in the middle of 2008 by Wilhelm and in late 2008 Francisco joined the.  A longtime friend of Francisco, drummer Juan Pablo was recruited and after a long time of searching for a vocalist Niclas stepped in to the picture. The Gardnerz inked a deal with Abyss Records in late 2010. The band's debut album, "The System Of Nature", was released as Digipack CD through Abyss Records, on LP through Mechanix Records and Digital Download through Digmetalworld in late 2011. Boosted by the tremendous response from the debut album the band started working on new material. In 2011 a new drummer, Vedran Bencic, was recruited, and just after a few months of rehearsing the new songs the band decided to record a mini album. The recording started in early 2012 and yielded the "It All Fades" Mini Album containing six doom and death filed tracks. Later the same year the band started working on what would become the "Exiting reality" single which was released on the 10th of June 2013 as a free download.

The GARDNERZ latest release, "It All Fades" EP, was released in late 2012 on Abyss Records, "It All Fades" and other The GARDNERZ merchandise can be found at the following links: thegardnerz or officialabyssrecords.

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