Saturday, July 13, 2013

Backtrack Lane: "Black truths & white lies" for full streaming

Available since a few days on CD & digital through Quart de Lune – Socadisc/ Idol, “Black truth & white lies”, the long awaited debut album from French rock’n'roll outfit Backtrack Lane is also up for full streaming RIGHT NOW!

Driving much faster than 88 miles/h, in its own Delorean, Backtrack Lane has met so much great rock bands across time. From Los Angeles to Stockholm passing through Seattle, London or Manchester, these four french guys from Paris have been listening to every dirty, classy and powerful rock’n’roll sounds until burnout.

Formed in january 2009, Backtrack Lane is a rock band composed of two brotherhoods (yes, 2x of two brothers) which recorded an EP “It’s not like” during summer 2009. Two years and plenty of gigs later, the band went to Fat Bros Production studio in order to put its debut album in the pipe. Their own conception of Rock music on a full-length effort : “Black truth & white lies”.

Get your physical / digital copy.

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