Thursday, July 4, 2013

BEYOND THE MORNINGLIGHT: LIFELINES The Perfect Liberation Of All Gloomy Feelings!

I always thought that melancholic music was the perfect liberation of despair, sorrow, sadness, anger and all the gloomy feelings. Give me teardrops falling from the guitar strings, a sad cry escaping from each note of the piano and a mournful voice echoing with poetic beauty and I will close my eyes and drift away to the sound of an infinite emotion inside my mind and heart.

I remember my first experience listening to BTM (Beyond The Morninglight). It was different in many ways and I couldn´t remain indifferent to what was in front of me. If you ask me what was it like I can surely say it was a mix of emotions! The first thing hitting me was Runar voice… deep and soft with an unique beauty but at the same time sad and melancholic  as if a dreadful loss drowned the vocalist in a kind of profound nightmare. The second thing that I really enjoyed but only after listening to it a few times was the uncommon blend between rock and roll, doom and melodies. I have to say that at first it was very strange to my ear but time after time the soundscape was getting easier to understand and all the influences of the band were making much sense together. Last but not least what surprised me was the simplicity of the music that seemed to deny the complexity of all the musical structure.

I remember my words in an old BTM review: “... the dark sound of Norway influenced by its depressive atmosphere that creates the perfect ambient for the melancholic music.”, or something like that. Today those words remain in me to describe this band but with a slight difference- the dark sound of BTM creates a unique blend of music that exudes their own style in the best way possible.

Lifelines” EP is the perfect execution of their vision and clear evolution of BTM and the refinement of a style that can come to change the way people look at their music.

Runar Beyond
Andy Amin 
Erik D. Martin
Lifelines part 1 can be heard in the player below.

'LIFELINES EP' have 4 songs that will change the world (as we know it). Like 'LIberation' it will be a concept of life and death and everything in between.

Track list for 'LIFELINES' EP
1 : Lifelines Part One
2 : Lifelines Part Two
3 : Looking Back
4 : Ashes

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