Sunday, August 11, 2013


SAD EYES born by the need of Santi Gzlez, REX DEVS guitar, to release by extreme metal, all frustrations, feelings, experiences, concerns and emotions accumulated. Balance the anger and despair through a powerful music expression, extreme and melodic at same time.

"9H0B1A" is the second work of SAD EYES, following the trend of creating conceptual works, chronicles the tormented struggles of a mind self-inflicted with fear.

For this work Santi Gzlez had collaboration of the next list of great musicians of the Spanish scene that have made this record is bigger in nuances, composition, execution , dynamic and above all human wealth, because so many collaborations made change the way to understand the tracks and worked beforehand structured:

Achokarlos (Exquisite Pus), Exo (Noctem), Gorka Laherran (Natural Born Stonehead), Ivan Duran (Hybrid), JL Montans (Kathaarsys), Oscar Comendador (Mind Holocaust), Pol Luengo (Aggression), Ricardo Moreno (Knell Odyssey), Samuel Morales y Sandro Vizcaino (Helevorn), Vrolok D. (Demised), Paco Espada (ex-O Miserum Mane), David Mendoza (Antropomorfia), Carlos Mejias (Thirst of Revenge), Kike Capilla (Rex Devs)

The work has been mixed and mastered by Tristan IƱiguez (Darkness By Oath) in the Auryn Studios while the artwork was once again conceived and designed by eldiosperezoso of PuertaOskura.

1. 53L3N0 (mp3)
2. H3D3N0
3. 91573M0
4. A9H3N9H05
5. AU70
6. N1K3
7. 0D1N0
8. 50MN1
9. FR0N3M0

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