Friday, September 13, 2013

Deals Death ‘Point Zero Solution’ OUT NOW

After weeks of media hype and an increasingly eager and restless fan base ‘Point Zero Solution’, the latest album from Swedish melodic death metal merchants Deals Death, has finally hit the shelves.

Guitarist Erik Jacobson exclaims, “I feel home! Complete kind of… Everything went right with the album from start to finish and I hope to reap what comes next.”

Having signed to Spinefarm Records and introducing themselves to a wider audience with last year’s ‘Elite’, the new album ‘Point Zero Solution’ shows Deals Death’s staying power and musical evolution with lush arrangements, deadlier output through and through and melodic hooks catchier than ever before.

Vocalist Olle Ekman takes the occasion to discuss ‘Point Zero Solution’ in more depth.

“The lyrical concept is one of fiction but you can call it ‘real’ fiction. It has its basis in the real world where we all live.”

“The lyrics describe factors and attitudes that are counterproductive to flourishing in all domains of existence on earth. When you listen to all of the songs and at the same time read the lyrics, you will discover a detailed description of an event, the breakdown of a society and a system.”

“The whole record is chronologically composed and should be understood as a step-by-step description of the process which breaks down the systems of nature and society, our false hopes, our credulity towards authority and the belief in eternal growth. The songs cover most human behaviours and beliefs that should be questioned and not just accepted; wishful thinking being one of them.”

“To summarise the album in short I’ll direct you to a line from the title track 'Point Zero Solution' - ‘There's no such thing as a bottomless pit with endless supplies.’"

Deals Death
‘Point Zero Solution’ Tracklist: 
01. Point Zero Solution
02. Facing The Echoes
03. Escalation
04. Flatline
05. Passion For Infinity
06. The Separation
07. Paramount Authority
08. Beyond Reason
09. Dark Dream Dawn
10. Back To Consciousness
11. Author Of Arts

“The cover art symbolises a sort of before-and-after way of viewing the world. On one side we all get that what we want, we spend and use resources as we please. Then something happens, society Flatlines as we discover that resources are actually scarce; something which has been kept hidden from the common man. Maintenance of cities is no more, people panic and start looting and we find ourselves in this self-made hell produced by greed and the false belief and hope of eternal growth.”

“The artist behind the cover is Lukasz Jaszak from Poland, a creative mind who has created art for bands like Decapitated and Blood Red Throne.”

“I as the singer, sent him a couple of semi- finished lyrics from the album to get him started on the creative process. Then we collaborated on the main characteristics so he understood the idea. The concept of the parted cover with a Flatline-theme was important to us and he took it from there.”

Last week the band released a music video for the albums title track which was masterminded by award winning director Patric Ullaeus.


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