Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eihwaz Recordings Signs VEX; Vinyl Reissue of Memorious Available

Eihwaz... Rune of the mysteries of life and death.

Eihwaz has been created as a sub-label of the long running Bindrune Recordings to explore and support more extreme metal genres that do not fit the unique aesthetic nurtured by Bindrune. With Eihwaz, we are looking to expand into the dark and twisted side of death metal, though we will not be limited to it. Other forms will undoubtedly seep into the oncoming storm, but do know that we shall be hunting for a vibrant strand of uniqueness and dedicated musical intensity as found on the ever growing Bindrune roster.

In celebration of this search for creative extremity, Eihwaz is pleased to announce the signing of Austin, Texas' VEX!

After months of planning and organization, the wait is over.  The time has come.  Eihwaz Recordings' inaugural release - the album that last year resurrected melodic death metal from it's mouldy tomb, courtesy the efforts of five talented and determined Texans - is finally available on vinyl!

Memorious de-iced the frozen earlobes of the Eihwaz staff to such a degree we felt that this album was pre-ordained to be our newly-minted label's first entry into the war-torn battlefield of Death Metal.  When you hear for yourself the layered, intricate riffs of varying shades, the solid and original drumwork and sounds, the deft and energetic bass lines, and powerful, yet perfectly discernible vocals delivered now, for the first time, on wax - you will fall to your knees and placate that god of foresty heaviness, now stricken with decaying beauty.

There are only 250 copies of Memorious available, so order now at this location.

FREE SHIPPING IN THE US!!! The package is a 2LP black vinyl set containing an insert housed in a heavy jacket with a 5MM spine. All pre-orders will receive a free VEX Logo DIY/Silkscreened patch!

Look for new material from VEX (and others TBA) in 2014, all brought to you by Eihwaz Recordings, and (of course) Thank you for your support!

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