Saturday, November 2, 2013

ALT : "I'm an actress" : final act of the 4 parts-EP series out now!

It's out : called "I'm an actress", the brand new EP by the French damaged rock band ALT is available right now on the band's e-shop and for full streaming on Bandcamp. This new effort is the final act of the 4 parts EP series by the band after "I'm a dancer""I'm a singer" and "I'm a model" launched one year and a half.

In addition to this news, the band is working on the release of its full-length album expected for early 2014.

Stream the entire "I'm an actress" EP

1. The Loss & The Fake
2. You Are The Orange Light
4.Thanks (Part.2)

The tone is set, the motto, definitive. Because if you want a thing done well, do it yourself : french power-rock act ALT considers that if their music has to be labeled, better do it with a category they would create themselves. Damaged Rock then, somewhere between high-energy rock, indie alternative from the 90?s and catchy stoner-pop. Damaged as the reflection in a broken mirror from those past and present styles, periods and places that ALT claims as its essence… turning  it into a nervous and finely wrought muscular fundamental element…”

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