Saturday, November 2, 2013

FDA Rekotz Releasing Above All Else from USDM Act Derogatory on December 6

Los Angeles USDM Act DEROGATORY will release their debut album  Above All Else on December 6 on CD, LP,and digital formats through FDA Rekotz.

The quarter's brand of early 90s Floridian DeathMetal recalls a range of legendary acts, including MORBID ANGEL, MALEVOLENT CREATION, GORGUTS, and DEICIDE. All extreme all the time!

Stream album cut "Into the Depth of Time" at this location.

Into The Depth Of Time
Above All Else
Immortal Divine
 Foretold In My House Of Seance
Twisted Aeons Of Burning Galaxy
To Escape What Is Now

DEROGATORY was formed in late 2010. Founding guitarists Christian Ordonez and Joe Viwatkurkul wrote all the early material with Chris later taking the position of changing the music style and riff writing even further with later material. Derogatory has seen three drummers come and go before current skin-basher Coyoton stepped in. Bassist Daniel Alonzo rounds out the lineup. In 2011, the band recorded a demo, which spread like wildfire around their native Los Angeles. Derogatory specialized in heavy music played with fury, speed and technicality.

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