Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Avantgarde Black Metallers ECHELON released video clip "Tod und Teufel"

When thinking of "Black Metal", you automatically imagine frostbitten forests and dark ruins. Inverted crosses as well as blood-drenched pentagrams. You be think the black and white corpse paint and spike bracelets.

If you think of galleries, you mostly think of conservative art and paintings.
You think of arrogance and color-drenched canvas.
There are concentrated expressions and pretension.

But what if both comes together?
What if Black Metal enters the theatrical stage and what if art dives into the dark world of Black Metal?
What if the colors of a painting culminate in manic music?
What if the spikes turn into thoughts and the black and white turns into layers of color?
What if dust turns to fertile soil and conservative behavior turns to Avantgarde?
What if inverted crosses turn to artists and blood-drenched pentagrams turn to thoughtful philosophers?
What if arrogance turns into reflexion and pretension turns to authenticity?
What if forests turn to sounds and ruins turn into rhythms?
What if a clichee overcomes itself and another one also turns?

Then, and then only, we understand the concept of ECHELON, a band between Mosh-Pit and gallery.


The Austrian Avantgarde Black Metal-Philosophers ECHELON always overstep bounds when it comes to authentic self-fulfillment.

Although they are aware that they break out of columns, they immerse more and more into their creative work.

That´s why ECHELON uploaded another unique clip to their youtube-channel featuring another song from the upcoming album.

You can watch below "Tod und Teufel - Diary of an Obsession"

Tracklist "Vivito! Creato! Moritor!":
1. Les Grandes Misères de la Guerre
2. Der Baum der Gehängten
3. Tod und Teufel
4. Strappado
5. Desastres de la Guerre
6. Der Krieg in mir
7. Des Teufels Bluthund
8. Die Grauend des Krieges
9. Effet de neige à petit Montrouge
10. Vor mir türmen sich die Scherben
11. Ewigkeit
12. Totengeigen
13. Triptychon: Der Krieg

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