Friday, November 15, 2013

Harlot of the Night, brand new album by Skin Tuxedo available from november 15th

Danish artist and songwriter Ivan Stenger, will release his new ‘ Skin Tuxedo’ album titled ‘Harlot of the night’ on November the 15th.

"It helped me to think a little out of the box and try out different song structures. Some of the songs have rather odd drum sounds and rhythms.
I also had the need to expand the genre of Skin Tuxedo. I tried to create a more original and unique sound this time.
I also needed to put more soul and atmosphere into it inspired by the more Indie music and even Folk."

”Meet Ivan Stenger, a 34 year old self-taught Danish songwriter, lyricist and musician. With a great passion for pure and honest music, He started playing drums at the age of 12 but soon after he picked up the guitar as well and started writing his first songs along while drumming for the local band Tongue (later changing name to Between Lines till the break up)

After years of playing, dedicating himself to the rock’n’roll life along with the metal band Pentagun and become father, Ivan decided to put into music all his inspiration and influences, giving birth to two different projects named Colliding with the Aliens and Skin Tuxedo.

Somewhere between Metal, Progressive Rock and plain Rock you´ll find Colliding With The Aliens. A Danish one-man-band dragging you through dark valleys of self awereness, soon to be available along with the project Skin Tuxedo, rock-your-socks-off Rock & Roll with a slight twist of unpredictability!”

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