Friday, November 15, 2013

Peterborough's ‘Progressive Punk’ trio Destroy DC release new video for 'Beyond Repair'!

Beyond Repair is the lead track from the recently released 'Service with a Sneer' EP.

Destroy DC bring you a unique fusion of ‘Progressive Punk’ and ‘Roots & Dub’ and are fast becoming one of the most forward thinking and exciting bands on the current punk circuit.

Mixing furious hardcore punk with roots and dub and incorporating additional odd time signatures and atmospherics to create their monster sound.
Lyrics spanning current issues involving media corruption, mental illness, the rise of the ‘Z-List’ celebrity culture, to the State of War in the eastern bloc in the 80’s and the power of public rallying and revolution.
Whilst covering topics such as these, it’s apt that this EP was released on 5th November 2013.
"A day in which we celebrate the near end of the British government!"

‘Service with a Sneer’ is the 2nd in a series of EP’s planned for release by Peterborough’s ‘Progressive Punk’ trio, Destroy DC.

Track List:
Beyond Repair
State of War
The Modern Way of Instilling Fear
Dub it Down (Dub Architect Mix) Bonus Track

Washington DC’s Dub Architect produced a Dub version of ‘Tear it Down’ from the previous EP, ‘The Pride of the ASBO Generation’, which is available as a bonus track on this EP.

Catch Destroy DC live:

23rd November - Cherry Tree, Peterborough.
Benefit gig to raise money to help Baroness with their medical bills from their tour bus crash. Also on the bill are The More I See, Vendetta UKHC, DVP, Smokescreen & Red Cow Down.

7th December - Underworld, Camden, London.
CONFLICT's cathering of the 500.

Destroy DC are:
Spike T Smith - Drums & Vocals (Conflict, Steve Ignorant, The Damned, Killing Joke, Morrissey)
Gav King – Guitars (Fields of the Nephilim, Conflict, ex- Adam Ant, The More I See)
Si Resinator - Bass

Destroy DC's video for Tear it Down from The Pride of the ASBO Generation EP

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