Tuesday, January 14, 2014


CHILEAN BAND RATZINGER REVEALS NAME AND ART OF A NEW ALBUM. (from the same artist as the Meshuggah "Koloss" artwork)

The new and third album of RATZINGER entitled: "GOD?"

The band comments: " The new album is based conceptually on the book by STEPHEN HAWKING - The Grand Design - and questioning the existence of God as such, a concept that challenges the possibility that not necessarily need a God invocation for the creation of the Universe, in summary the album and the lyrics, takes the concept of GOD from several points of view: God after death, God in the abusive nature of the Church, GOD in War, GOD in death of innocents, GOD in radicalization of religion, God as a random virus that punishes and at the same time is absent.” We also experience the non-existent and questionable in modern a time, which certainly leads many into questioning one’s self about the meaning of the existence and basic and elemental question: Does God exist?"

Regarding the cover art, this was led by the outstanding Russian artist: KEERYCH LUMINOKAYA http://luminokaya.com/, the same who did the cover art of the last album of MESHUGGAH called KOLOSS.

The band comments: “For us, it is an honor to work with LUMINOKAYA, we've known LUMINOKAYA for a while now and we are a fan of his work. When we saw the original graphic piece called ‘Butterfly Effect’, we thought that was what definitely what we were looking for, for a long time” the human being reflected in a tribal basic concept, the lost humanity looking at the sky, the infinite repetition from the basic and elementary answer, the question is repeated: Does God exist?"

LUMINOKAYA comments: "I've been very involved with this Chilean band, I have seen that they are very persevering and disciplined, which is not very common nowadays and that speaks highly of the work they want to achieve. Even coming from such a distant country like Chile, it is an honor to work with them and that my work is known in South America.”

Musically the album is pure “Ratzinger”, very Groove Metal, typical thrasher-style songs, and also other song styles of the classic metal, which have more of a hard rock attitude. The band plans to release their album in March 2014, at the same time, will announce the name of the 12 songs that come in this new production. Line Up de RATZINGER: Ivan Vega - Guitar / Vocal, Italo Silva - Guitar, Nicolas "Tito" General - drums


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