Monday, February 3, 2014

Alt/Metal monsters Mantram from Rome signs with SLPT Records

Mantram started out in 2001 as a crossover/european rock band, releasing a handful of demo recording between 2003 and 2007.

The band went legit after a few line-up adjustments and the release of their self-released debut full length 'Silent Steps Outside' the same year. Some time off , several shows and few line-ups later in 2012, they decide to release the Ep 'Time to run' due to be followed by this year upcoming release 'Gone' due to be released by Sliptrick Records.

Rome's own Mantram are a powerful ALT/Metal workhorse you won't feel disappointed whether you're looking for melody, sorrow or deep atmos for your life soundtrack!

1. You don't know
2. Gone
3. Wake up call
4. Unconnected
5. Time to run

Daniele Russo - Vocals, guitar
Giovanni Lipford - Lead guitar
Laura Colarieti - Drums

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