Monday, February 3, 2014

Amputated: Dissect, Molest, Ingest Out Now!

Four years since their last, full, release the UK’s premier Brutal Gore Death Metal merchants, AMPUTATED, return with a new line up and their third slab of aural carnage.

DISSECT, MOLEST, INGEST sees the putrid discharging of a faster, more stomach churning chapter in the history of the ‘sickest band in the UK’ with 11 festering tracks of the finest Brutal Gore Death Metal coupled with the most grotesque artwork courtesy of MottlaBrutal Art.

Body Of Work
Gorging On Putrid Discharge
The Local Flavour
Infanticidal Dysmorphia
Skullfuck Lobotomy
Subatomic Insemination
When Whores Meet Saws
Psycotropic Suicide
Six Feet Deep
Disect Molest Ingest
Toolbox Abortionist

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