Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Embrio:Flipping virtual collection

In order to help further the Metal scene of his city, the Paran√°, thrashers EMBRIO have released a virtual collection "Rattlesnake Metal", which are divided in three volumes which were recorded at Studio Embrio.

Since the first edition is available for download, and applicable only with bands of Cascavel/PR. Check out the full tracklist of the issue number one:

01 Hellbefore - "Day of Kill"
02 Hate Your Fate - "Your Face Rage"
03 Blackmass - "Bleeding"
04 Carnivore Mind - "Genital Pathological Perversity" (Pathologist cover)
05 Head Thrashers - "Bloody Hell"
06 Send More Hate - "Violence is My Only Excuse"
07 Kreditor - "From Ashes to Dust"
08 Embrio - "No Life No Life"
09 Steellord - "Steellord"
10 Twilight of the Idols - "The Fool (The Fool)"
11 Alcoholic Mosh - "Alcoholic Mosh"
12 Hammerdown - "Self - Digested"

Do not waste time and download the compilation at the following link.

Reaping the fruits of the great launch of "Revolt Against The System" (2013), the band is preparing her new video clip for the track "No Life No Life", which has already found the location for the recordings, in addition to scheduling two shows RS (more info soon).

Meanwhile, listen in full "Revolt Against The System" at the following link.

Dej√° Vu

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