Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ut Opia: Explaining why still "Ut Opia TV" was not released

Everyone knows that having an independent band in Brazil is not easy, especially bands that produce their own material, which involves money, time and so on.

And through this note, bassist Raoni Joseph comes to explain why the delay in the released of "Ut Opia TV", which will register all steps of the recording of the new release. Check in the following lines:

"The truth is that time moves very scarce, we all have our jobs, studies, bills to pay, taking time only on weekends and even on them, tiredness often do not allow us to make meetings or tests of the new arrangements and accordingly, records them on video.

The reality of an independent band in Brazil is that, we pay our own productions without sponsorship and works hard to get to do something with minimal quality, often having to forego other activities, so, we have not had time to making sessions of "Ut Opia TV".

But, wait news, we have several songs to finish and soon we will be showing new releases. Starting in february, we're not sure the date, but we know that the new songs will begin to take shape and the records will begin."

So do not worry, soon the "Ut Opia TV" will be available, as well as some new compositions, stay tuned!


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