Monday, March 24, 2014

EXCRUCIATE 666: "Rites of Torturers" with 8 tracks of Pure Hate, Devil Worship and War Metal!!

EXCRUCIATE 666 was created in 1994 by Morgraven and Blasphemort. At that time, their style headed towards a War Black Metal appropriate for the band in consonance with Thrash and War Metal.

The horde released 3 demos: “Cutters Up of Carcass” (1996), “Dark Symphonies” (1997) and “Warblood” (2001) that would be released as an EP in 2008. Some Split releases followed in association with other Black Metal bands as PHOBOS (CD – 2003), WARAGE (EP – 2005), SOVEREIGN (CD – 2009) and DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION (EP – 2010). EXCRUCIATE 666 released their first full-length album “Riding Fire of Hate” through Infernal Kommand Records in 2010. It was just the beginning...

In 2013 time has come for EXCRUCIATE 666 to show their supremacy with the second attack “Rites of Torturers” through Iron Blood & Death Corp. with 8 tracks of pure hate, devil worship and War Metal.

Listen or download a high quality WAV or MP3 here.

Rites of Torturers

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