Monday, March 24, 2014

Vic Records announces the signing of VIOLATION WOUND, GLUTTONY and rereleases the cult demos 89/90 of Swedish`s EXPULSION

VIOLATION WOUND is the Punk / Rock / Metal band formed by Chris Reifert (Death, Abscess, Autopsy) on guitars and vocals. Featuring guest appearances from Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler (both guitar players in Autopsy). Autopsy / Abscess- wise, the production is raw and primitive, as punk as it can be. Maybe the perfect mixture between Autopsy and the Ramones! 18 tracks of energetic raw punk rock with Chris Reiferts charismatic vocals. Release date May 26th.

Vic record also signed old school death metal act GLUTTONY from Sweden. Featuring Setherial vocalist Magnus Odlin (now growling!).

Strong new coming Swedish death metal act Gluttony was formed in 2011 by 3 My Own Grave members. The debut album 'Beyond The Veil of Flesh' was mixed and mastered by Dan Swano at his Unisound Studios. Coverart by horror comics master Jeff Zornow.

The cult demos by Swedish EXPULSION are finally compiled, restored and remastered and will be released on CD.

Expulsion was formed out of the ashes of a band called Rivers’ Edge, that band consisted of the three Expulsion members and Johan Edlund (TIAMAT) on vocals. 

In April 1989, Expulsion released their first demo called ‘Cerebral Cessation’. November that year they recorded their second demo ‘Veiled in the mists of mystery’. The previously unreleased track ‘Certain corpses never decay’ was released on the underground compilation tape ‘Hymns of the  Dead vol.2’. In 1990 Expulsion entered the Sunlight Studios (Entombed Dismember, Tiamat etc.), to record two tracks produced by Tomas Skogsberg. After these recordings Expulsion split up (and reformed with 2 new members 2 years later).  Coverart by Eric Danielsson (WATAIN).

Expulsion guitar player Stefan and bassist Anders both also played in Treblinka / Tiamat (on all demos and the TIAMANT debut SUMERIAN CRY). 

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