Sunday, March 23, 2014

Godzorder: Cover of Slipknot and show with Machinage in the United States

Brasil`s GODZORDER are full steam ahead on the recordings of their debut EP, but as the work has not yet been released, for now keeps his musicians active on the scene, and to showing all their musical quality and diversification, drummer Marco Mingote has recorded in 2013 a video honoring one of their main influences on drums, Joey Jordson "The Monster", playing the song "SIC" from the first Slipknot album. Check out the video BELOW.

For those unaware, the GODZORDER was born from the ashes of Stupid Vision band, which was led by bassist/vocalist Rafael "Barba", which kept alive the flame of the band for many years, until they came to an end and a new venture was born. With so many years in the scene, more precisely since 1992, "Barba" became well known, not only for his band but also by the ability as a bassist.

Due to this, the Machinage were preparing for another tour in the USA, but their bassist at the time can`t go, then "Barba" was asked to do the tour, performing a total of 18 shows.

Check out some videos of this tour where Rafael Barba attended:

Playing "Territory" Sepultura

Playing with John Connelly (Nuclear Assault)

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