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Hicsos: Following The Road To Victory With Circle of Violence

Talking of the importance of HICSOS for the Metal scene is raining in the wet, as are over fourteen years of history in a locomotive that never stopped, and this was one of the issues addressed in the interview for digital magazine Rock Meeting, and also speak about the new disc, the firecracker "Circle of Violence" and the beginnings of HICSOS.

To the digital magazine, the main topic was the new release "Circle of Violence", which was received very well by critics, becoming one of the major releases of 2013.

Circle of Violence

The site Rock em Geral also published an interview with the band, check out below some paragraphs.

Rock em Geral: "Circle Of Violence" is the first album since "Technologic Pain", which came out in 207. Why now recording the new album?

Marco Anvito: It happens to all of our albums. Unfortunately we have to divide up our time with music, work and responsibilities. This ultimately hurts the progress of things and really slows the whole work. But the important thing is what we achieved we aim.

Marcelo: And we also had a tour of Europe that lasted 26 days and many other important shows in this period. This all takes time to prepare for things to be done well. Apart from that we decided to write and record this album calmly made two pre - production and then recorded it for real, came to mixing and mastering and arrangements with the label. I think the time between one and the other, for all that, was not that big, but I think for the next 'I take less time.

REG: This time the band recorded the disc itself, and not the double Marcello Pompeu/Heros Trench, which subscribes to the mix. Why it happened and what brought this change in practice for the final outcome of the album?

Anvito: We have acquired much experience in this season on the road. I already had it assembled and ready to do studio recordings. Decided by the convenience and sure to make a good recording, We did everything calmly  and close attention to stay the way we imagined. We recorded on HCS Studio and we had more time to do everything well thought out.

REG: Talk about the album title, "Circle Of Violence". It summarizes a concept of 11 songs?

Marcelo: It has no connotation in our conceptual album, each song has a particular theme, but talks about all forms of violence, including political violence that is taken by crooks who are elected and then they grow at the expense of the suffering of the population. The title itself was chosen by the band in concert. We thought it was a strong title for the album.

REG: The sound of the Hicsos always had a mix of hardcore with thrash, but this record seems that prevailed over the footprint even thrash metal . Was that the intention?

Anvito: Actually it was never thought, never had the intention of making the mix, it just happens. I believe this album as the first ideas came from Nilmon (Filho, former guitarist), which has a footprint totally thrash, and ended up thinking more about good old thrash metal. This for me is what I like about the Hicsos, the naturalness of the compositions without being stuck to one style, just do what we like.

To read the full interview click the link

With the release of "Circle of Violence", HICSOS is being much talked about, because this new work is considered by many one of the best Thrash albums ever released in Brazil.

Check out the digital magazine Rock Underground talked about "Circle of Violence": "In the footprint of traditional Thrash Old School sound, Hicsos appears refreshed and full-bodied, with over 20 years of road is tingling as never..."

Read the review in full here

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