Thursday, April 3, 2014

BOKLUK 'Taphonomy' released by Memento Mori

Bokluk are fresh from the graves of Spain. Sizzling wounds of old school Death Metal are reopened, gore and organs falling all over the place, vibrant in a newfound cacophony. Music of this kind is world-famous, palatable only to the strong-hearted and knowledgeable, carrying on in the old tradition of 'Scream Bloody Gore'-era Death channelling through the early Carcass catacombs and surfacing alongside Autopsy, Nihilist/Entombed, Repulsion, early Grave, Terrorizer, Carnage and Purtenance.

Formed back in 2007 to pay tribute to the old masters of Death Metal, the vision truly came to fruition in 2011 after the assembling of the right musicians. 2012 saw the release of the highly appreciated 'Moat Realm' demo on tape format, which was self-released and produced. It caught the attention of the underground fanatics including Raul of Memento Mori who immediately signed the band for an upcoming full length album. 

The time has come for Bokluk to leave an imprint on this cruel world. 'Taphonomy' is everything that was good about the demo, only enhanced and rabid. It'll be unleashed via Memento Mori in April and will set new levels in Death Metal sickness emanating from the crypts of Spain.

BOKLUK line-up:
Alex: Vocals
Tukas: Guitars
Iago: Bass/Vocals
Corey: Drums

Memento Mori Facebook | Bokluk Facebook

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