Monday, May 19, 2014

Sitra 's Monolith released their debut album

It ' available from Monday, May 19th on digital platforms the debut album of Sitra 's Monolith , a band that includes an internal talented guitarist Fabrizio Zambuto . In a mix of rock, blues and southern , Sitra 's Monolith , published by Videoradio Beppe Aleo , it is noted as one of the musical revelations of the year. The project was born in 2012, is set to exclusive tracks and original and is made from the same well as Fabrizio Zambuto , even by musicians on bass and Michael Mora Manuel Togni ( Kee Marcello , Uli Jon Roth , Stu Hamm, Ule Ritgen) on drums . The Sitra 's Monolith already known in many parts of northern Italy for their intense live activity , are officially entered in the roster that will handle the Mazzarella Press Office in its entirety during the launch and promotion of the album.

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