Monday, May 19, 2014


VRANGSINN of Carpathian Forest and his MISANTROF ANTIRecords took part to an extreme compilation, ORIENTAL FLAVORS MIDDLE EASTERN MAYHEM Volume 1.This is extreme music created in extreme conditions!

Vrangsinn himself claims:
The day has finally come to release "Oriental Flavors Volume 1" A fantastic co-operation between Middle Eastern Mayhem with Yusef on Metal Messiah Radio, Mohareb Records and Misantrof ANTIRecords.
As the president of Misantrof I have to say that it is both a pleasure and an honour for me to be able to put such a rare treasure into the Misantrof Music Archives. Extreme music from the Islamic world where the musicians often have to risk their very lives to create their art!
I want to thank my partner in crime, Yusef Hashish for making this release possible. I also want to thank all the amazing and brave musicians from all over the world. Full support! You simply are what the world desperately needs. You are the true underground. Never give up and don't let the motherfuckers kill you now. UGH!
Share their music with everybody. Enjoy this ground breaking release containing music most of the people out there could never imagine could even exist in the Islamic world. Black metal, death metal, thrash metal and other kinds of lovely extreme metal from extreme people, for extreme people!

ORIENTAL FLAVORS Taste some forbidden evil!

Evil you'll get:

01 AKHENATEN Brahma Astra (U.S.A.)
02 TRAXXX Clouds of Algeria (Algeria)
03 QAFAS Kafkaesque Retribution (Bahrain)
04 PYROCIST Execute (U.A.E.)
05 IMMORTAL SETH Seth of The Desert
06 MOGH Perses Achaemenian Wisdom (Iran)
07 HATECROWNED Raje'a Yetdammar Lebnan (Lebanon Will Be Wrecked Again) (Lebanon)
08 VIELIKAN Celestial Autumn (Tunisia)
09 ARSH ANUBIS Anubis's Army Guided by Hades (Morocco)
10 BLACK WELL Godless Souls (Kuwait)

11 NARJAHANAM Al Shar Wa Aljan (Bahrain)
12 BELAYA Satian (Qatar UK)
13 LAXSID Faith of Disbelief (Syria)
14 YABGU Dombyra (Turkey)
15 BARZAKH Rissala (Tunisia)
16 INFIDEL Political Enemy (USA)
17 ERRAGAL Kurnugia (Iraq)
18 HATHORIOUS Abydos (Egypt)
19 EULEN Desolate House (Syria)

As every release by Misantrof ANTIRecords, ORIENTAL FLAVOR - "Middle Eastern Mayhem Vol. 1" can be downloaded for free from the band's Misantrof page. The release can be freely copied and shared by the general public for non commercial purposes and is protected by The Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. The download includes digital audio, cover artwork, press release and more info. orientalflavors.misantrof

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