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Just Before Dawn Interviewed! Premiere Song "Bastard Batalion"

Below can be read an interview conducted by Wilhelm Lindh with the charismatic leader of the band "Just Before Dawn" Anders Biazzi, you also can enjoy the world premiere for the new music "Bastard Batalion" taken from the upcoming new album "The Aftermath" with release date of 10/Nov/2014.

Wilhelm Lindh. Hey Anders, how are things?

Anders Biazzi. Hi man! Everything is great!

Wilhelm Lindh. You are a prolific musician these days, how come that you started Just before dawn? Was there something that you did not get to do in your other bands? Where did the band name come from?

Anders Biazzi. Don’t know why I started the band, just did I I was in a riff period at the time I think hahaha.
Ihe band name I took from the horror movie Just Before Dawn , but I think the name fits the bands war.

Wilhelm Lindh.. What would you say is the biggest difference between “Precis innan gryningen” and the new album “The Aftermath”?

Anders Biazzi. I think it’s more well written music wise and lyric wise , it's more like a story that’s being told from the beginning to the end

Wilhelm Lindh.. How did the idea of using different vocalists for almost each and every song come about?

Anders Biazzi. It was Roggas idea , he was going to do all the singing from the beginning , but when I did more and more tracks he came up with the idea of using more guys for the tracks. He wrote almost all the lyrics for the first album

Wilhelm Lindh. The new album sounds killer, could you give me a tour of the recording. Who did what, what gear did you use and so on?

Anders Biazzi. I record everything at home on my computer , the drums are recorded in Norway in Brynjars studio. The singers and solo guitarist was recorded in various studios. Like Marc Grewe and Mathias Lodmalm recorded their stuff at Mathias studio in Berlin. Dave Ingram did recorded his vox in his studio that he send out his morning radio show Metal Breakfast. Rick Rozz recorded his wammy in CGM studio with Tim Vazquez that recorded the new Massacre! Jonas Stålhammar did his vox at home , Teddy Möller and Jocke Mikiver did there vox at Möllers studio Blueflame production! Johan Jansson did recorde his vox at Peter Bjärgö studio , Gustav Myrin did his solos and vox at home , Jonas Lindblood did his solo and vox at home. Ronnie Björnström did his solos in his studio Garageland! Mattihas Borgh did recorde the opening drums on Bastogne in his studio Underground , Ralf Hauber did his vox in Marcus Maggesson studio,the reset of the guys I don’t really know where they recorded their stuff. I use Cubase for recording and a Focusrite soundcard that I plug into an POD 2.0! In to the Pod I have plugged in a Metal Muff for the guitars and a TS7 for the base! The Guitar I used for recording is a Gibson Explorer , and the bass is a Cheap ass Ibanez hahaha.

Wilhelm Lindh. I guess the previous question kind of will have the answer for this, but f it. How do you view the modern way of recording. Pro-tools vs the old analog way of doing things? Is it becoming too easy to ”cheat” in the studio or do you view it as just an evolution of recording?
Anders Biazzi
Anders Biazzi. I  think it's great that you can record at home on your computer , I don’t think its cheating. It really is an evolution , you can get a better sound at your home studio then what you did back in the days when you did hit a studio with your band . Just take a listen to the new JBD , the sound really kicks assss! 99% off the people that hear this think you have recorded in the real studio. (Damn fucking straight/Wilhelm)

Wilhelm Lindh. When I was reviewing your first album I could not put my finger on if the drums where real or programmed, so which is it?

Anders Biazzi. It is ezdrummer , a program for cubase with midi sounds from a real drummer! Also there is not many think its programmed drums.  

Wilhelm Lindh. Your sound is similar to Amon Amarth, imo. Is this because you where influenced my their writing in the years you played with them or are they carrying on the Anders Biazzi sound?

Anders Biazzi. I did not do much writing in Amon Amarth only some riffs here and there , the writing I do is just me I’m not influenced by A.A i just play like this hahaha

Wilhelm Lindh. Have you guy(s) played live? If yes, where and when. How was it? If no, is this something you would like to do or do you view Just before dawn as just a studio band?

Anders Biazzi.This is just a studio project for me I play live with Blood Mortized

Wilhelm Lindh. Could you tell me about the other bands you are currently involved with?

Anders Biazzi. I also play and write music in Blood Mortized a Swedish old school death metal band from Stockholm with old members from Grave , Demonical , Remasculate , Pathalog.

Wilhelm Lindh. Having been in the game for such a long time, how do you view the internet’s effect on the music industry? Is it a blessing or a curse?

Anders Biazzi. I think little of both , in the beginning when the net was kind of new it was great , but now things spread to easy/fast , you can download your new album from a Russian site 1 week after the release hahaha! But the internet is also great for example JBD had never been if Facebook wasn’t invented! A blessed curse I would say hahaha

Wilhelm Lindh. In my reviews of your music I am constantly citing Bolt Thrower as a reference? What is your relationship with this band? Are you inspired by them? How do you view their stance on not releasing an album until they think the new material surpasses the old?

Anders Biazzi. Bolt Thrower is big influence for JBD , but only on some songs not all of them. Take Lighting War for example , it easily could have been Bolt Thrower written that track , that’s why Dave Ingram did get to sing on it! Then it’s some riffs here and there that are Bolt Throwerish hahaha some more influence are Hail of Bullets and  Hypocrisy. And about the surpasses the old I think its bull! Deliver now when you can , not in 10 years!
The faces
Wilhelm Lindh. What would be your dream for the future of Just before dawn? And what does the future actually hold in the foreseeable future?

Anders Biazzi. We have started to write some new music for the 3:e album , working title is "In the Depth of War" Around 6 trax are finish already some with vox and all! Some names the will appear is Kam Lee , Martin von Drunen , Rogga Johansson , Jonny Petterson , Håka Stuvemark , Samuel Englund , Thomas von Wachenfeldt! This time I’m getting some help with the riffing

Wilhelm Lindh. How has it been working with Chaos records and how did you get in contact with them

Anders Biazzi. We have had our up’s and downs with Chaos Records , it’s a small Mexican label so the money have been the problem. So the Aftermath have been delayed for some moths! But now we are back on track! and hope to release some more great stuff with them. A good friend of Blood Mortized got us in contact with them , first Blood Mortized got a contract with them , then I asked if they wanted to release JBD and they did.

Wilhelm Lindh. Since the lyrics were not included in the promo, could you tell me what they are about? I am guessing war, but maybe I am dead wrong! And while we are on the subject of lyrics, how important are lyrics in your opinion? Both as a musician and a listener.

Anders Biazzi. Yes its war all over again! The lyrics on this album is about different battles that was taking place in WWII but also not about a specify event just about war and what it brings! I think for this kind of music the lyrics is very important also for the listener 16. Is there something ells you would like to plug or discuss here is your chans!

Remember to have a look out for the new JBD album around the 10th of November!
It’s a kick ass steamrolling Death Metal album that will leave you wanting more!


Thanks you very much for your time. Cheerio Wilhelm

Thank you man!

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