Monday, November 10, 2014

Centinex: Redeeming Filth is undeniably a full-blooded piece of death metal!!

Fans of Death metal should be counting the days. No, im not talking about Xmas! Centinex’s new album is almost out there and you better save some money ‘cause it’s worth every single penny. With nearly twenty-five years of existence the band is an ancient entity focused in the warlike art of extreme metal. After an eight-year interval the quartet returns with a new formation featuring Martin Schulman (Demonical) on bass, Sverker Widgren (Demonical, Diabolical) on guitars, Alexander Högbom (October Tide, Spasmodic) on vocals and Kennet Englund (Interment, Centinex 1999-2003) on drums. The Swedish metallers revived the sound that appeared for the first time in the 90’s and inspired by the spirit of the debut “Subconscious Lobotomy” they created “Redeeming Filth”.

The 10 track album is all about short, riff-oriented, brutal, in your face type of death metal just like the type of metal of bands such as Massacre, Orbituary, Unleaseh, Grave, etc. One can easily perceive the experience of the musicians within the songs. Song after song the fluency of the album always remains at the same level i.e., there are no brusque differences of rhythms and harmonies. All instruments work in perfect synchrony and most of all the musicians skills keep the album sapid. I would even say that each song represents in its uniqueness the rampageous awakening of the sleeping monster that Centinex is. It’s also stressed the production quality; the work is very lucid without too many arrangements and without overlapping.

Overall: “Redeeming Filth” is undeniably a full-blooded piece of death metal and deeply connected to the band’s roots. This album is a must hear for death metal lovers and in my opinion one of the best death metal works of this year.

Recorded at Amplified Studios, mixed and mastered at Garageland Studios by Ronnie Björnström (Aeon) and with album artwork designed by Twilight 13 Media (At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Darkthrone) the long awaited, ninth full-lenght album from the veterans of the death metal scene will be available in digipack CD, digitally, in black vinyl and limited to 100 copies, hand-numbered Brown vinyl with poster and will see the light of day at November, 21.

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01 When Bodies Are Deformed
02 Moist Purple Skin
03 Death Glance
04 Stone Of Choice
05 Unrestrained
06 Bloodraze
07 Without Motives
08 Rotting Below
09 Dead, Buried And Forgotten
10 Eye Sockets Empty

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