Friday, November 21, 2014

FEN's "Carrion Skies" transcends

Carrion Skies”, the newest FEN’s album is almost out. With this new putrid conjuring the progressive black metal band deepened the intensity of emotion and ambience that characterizes their sound. The fluctuation between the inborn darkness of black metal and the melodious atmosphere converts the intricacy of the music in a complex process of absorption to the listener The trio managed to create a distinctive style that can easily be isolated from other bands of the same gender like Primordial, Enslaved, Amenra, Oathbreaker and Cult of Luna. The album transcends the fine line that separates common music from musical art. It’s a “spectrum of atmospheres from the unknowable coldness of distant stars to the blood and earth that drums beneath our feet” using FEN’s frontman, The Watcher, words. “Bleaker, harder, yet at the same time more ambient” says the vocalist and guitarist. “Carrion Skies” is in fact an alienating experience that takes its listener on a journey amidst death and the infinitude of the universe. FEN opened the doors to a bright future… filled with “carrion skies” I hope.

"Carrion Skies" is ready to hit the streets, tomorrow, on the 22nd November.

Formed in 2006 as a studio project by Grungyn, Theutus and The Watcher, and inspired by the windswept, desolate landscape of England’s Fen region, the band set out to fuse the cold rage of Black Metal with more reflective influences, creating a deeply intense and atmospheric sound which speaks of loss and melancholic yearning. Quickly realising that a stud io project would be too restricting, FEN soon started to perform live, and an offer from Northern Silence Productions resulted in the release of the “Ancient Sorrow” EP in 2007. A three-album deal with Code666 Records followed and FEN’s debut full-length album “The Malediction Fields” appeared in 2009 with worldwide critical acclaim. Reactions to the album have been almost overwhelmingly positive with Archaic Magazine declaring “if this band can keep up this sort of quality then I feel that we have a UK rival to the throne bands like Enslaved and Primordial have occupied for so long“. The Second album titled “Epoch” came out in 2011, a darker, more involved expression than the previous record, the second album draws the listener into a windswept and desolate landscape, bereft of hope. With today’s line up of The Watcher on vocals and guitars, Grungyn on vocals and bass and newest member Derwydd on drums, the band renewed their contract with Code666 Records for the release of a further three albums.

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01 Our Names Written in Embers Part 1 (Beacons of War)
02 Our Names Written in Embers Part 2 (Beacons of Sorrow)
03 The Dying Stars
04 Sentinels
05 Menhir - Supplicant
06 Gathering the Stones

The video for "Menhir - Supplicant" can be seen below.

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