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"Dimenzion:Psychosphere" Interview

"Dimenzion:Psychosphere's new album "COLLAPSE" prolongs the despair from their previous album "DNA Phantom Effect". With their unique sound of dark pounding monotony, they'll pull you away from the invincible chains we all carry, in democracies where freedom is an empty concept for the non-thinking. So uprise, embrace the new era of metal, and realize you are already a part of the Psychosphere. Collapse is cold apocalyptic metal from the north"

Pedro Ribeiro - To begin with i’d like to say thanks to the band for taking the time to answer some questions. Can you explain the concept behind the “psycho dimension” that the band name suggests?
The Architect - Thanks for showing interest, we're always happy to do interviews. The name Dimenzion:Psychosphere is pretty much an idea that if you were to remove the physical world, or the physical earth if want, there would still be this sphere consisting of all mankinds thoughts. So basically a sphere of sub-consciousness that we don't see unless we put our minds to it. I guess through psychedelic drugs, meditation or just dreams perhaps. It's a name that was developed under the influence of alcohol and cannabis, so it might be a bit vague.

PR - Dimenzion: Psychosphere assaults the scene with the “dark ponding monotony” of industrial metal. Your sound is anything but monotonous, but there’s a certain darkness and lethargy all around the idea of the music. What is the relation between your music and the lyrical themes?
TA - It's inseparable I believe. The music usually comes first, and sometimes I just see, hear or read something that gets me in a certain mood, and triggers my creativity. It's much like a jigsaw-puzzle of words and music I carry in my head until it's properly worked out up there, and ready to present it to the other guys. So given the mood of the music, I guess telling you that I'm pissed off with things won't be a surprise then, hehe.

PR - To complete the “psycho dimension” the band enters the stage with masks. Who are these masked beings?
TA - They are no one really. It's a uniform powerpack of darkness, that doesn't pay attention to individuals. Much like the police or military. Our purpose is however, to deliver good music and a good show.

PR - You say that your music will pull the listener away from the chains of false freedom of democracy. “The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting” by Charles Bukowski. Care to comment the quote?
TA - I think it's well put. Democracy is just a glorified word to make people think their opinion actually matters. The truth is that we are governed by a bunch of assholes with shitloads of money, designing peoples opinion through media, which they own. Thus setting the rules for a game one doesn't necessarily want to play. And in the end, we all become slaves. Fearful of what happens if we give the whole system the finger and leave it.

PR - You are in the scene for almost 15 years and released 4 EP’s and “DNA Phantom Effect” album all by yourself. “Collapse” is your new album, released October 17th this year by Crime Records. What is like to work with an independent record label after pulling it out alone so many years?
TA - Having someone with connection to the industry, and knowledge about promotion and stuff is great. We never did much of that on the previous releases because we didn't know how to, or where to send stuff. The finished recording of music is always a reward in itself, but we want so many as possible to listen to our music too. So hopefully we do our part in keeping the record company and ourselves going and growing.
We did three EP's actually. Collected on the album “Trilogy From beyond”

PR - What’s the “phantom effect” in the name of your debut? How is it related with “Collapse”?
TA - The DNA Phantom Effect is something they found out about our DNA some time ago in an experiment. It suggests (in my opinion) that there might be a lot more to life than what is usually recognised from a scientific point of view. But it's complicated, so you might wanna google it. It has no relation to *Collapse*, other than being an extension of the whole concept of personal freedom and philosophy, along with the destruction of mankind, which basically lies behind all our songs.

PR - Your new album tells a story that begins with the rebellion of the machine and ends in collapse! Is it the collapse of man or machine?
TA - It is the collapse of what we choose it to be. Right now I'll have to say we're headed towards some serious destruction of what mankind needs for survival (nature that is), so it doesn't look too good for us. But humans adapt quite well to shitty conditions sometimes, so we'll see. There will be a lot more suffering in the future though. At least if nothing serious is done to the whole system.

PR - Do you have any forthcoming gigs/shows?
TA - Right now... Nope. But we are working on it

PR - What about ideas for a new work?
TA - We've just started rehearsing new songs now, and I've got songs for at least one full length album. So maybe we can start recording next year. Things always take more time than expected though, so it's hard to tell when exactly.

PR - Any last words for the community?
TA - Check out our music, (if you please).
Question everything, and never obey.

The Architect

One melee with the words, ideas and its paradoxes... albuns that are news, the reviews at "", always with its watermark,  Pedro Ribeiro, with love for beer... sorry, music from an early age, he studied piano and singing from 7 to 14 years,  then, devoted himself to the study of the guitar for 5 years. "The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!"

Tracklist & Times

01 The Machine 05:02
02 Fury 04:15
03 Void 06:26
04 Epistemophobia 05:18
05 Slaves 04:29
06 Psychodorm 08:49
07 Collapse 07:19

Line Up & Credits

Vocals: The President
Guitar/Vocals: The Architect
Synth: The Scientist
Drums: The Engineer
Bass: The Trooper
Recordins & Production by Endre Kirkesola at dub studio 2014
Pictures by Jahn Raymond Tjelland
Artwork & Cover by TrippleOneVision


"Dimenzion:Psychosphere" - EP (2000) Self-released
"Trenches" - EP (2003) Self-released
"Trinity and Beyond" - EP (2007) Self-released
"Trilogy from Beyond" - EP (2011) Self-released
"DNA Phantom Effect" - CD (2012) Self-released
"Collapse" - CD (2014) Crime Records

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