Thursday, November 27, 2014

Grafvitnir's song "Sword of the Damned" Premiere

Luciferianism, Occultism, Witchcraft, Transcendence… these are the interests of a band such as Grafvitnir. Their influences are what they call “The secret opereta of pandimensional chaos – The tunes of Sitra Ahra”. Born in Sweden in 2007 the Scandinavian Occult Black Metal band incorporates practitioners, adepts and occultists within the tradition of Lucifer. Their goal is to act as a herald for the Chaosophical tradition of dark, forbidden fruits.

The seven track sophomore album, entitled “Semen Serpentis” will be a follow up to 2012’s “NâHásh”. It will be released on 5th of December through Carnal Records. This new seed of chaos deals with the subject of the Serpentine bloodline and it will spread darkness in all of those who hear it. With a total running time of 43 minutes the music of “Semen Serpentis” is the reincarnation of the Devil himself.

As active practitioners of the dark arts both in music and occultism, it’s easy to understand why Grafvitnir members (Niantiel, Tishin and Modrius) call themselves “The faceless emanation of primordial chaos”.

Their dynamic and raw black metal ranges from ritualistic atmospheres and demonic environments to fast tempos and distorted dissonances. Something good about this album is that the trio’s music follows the black metal essence 100%. Yet, they go a step further in the conjuration of black melodies. You can mainly perceive the contrast between the repetitive instrumentals and the boldest sections of songs such as “Sword of the Damned” or “Descendants of the Serpent”. It’s all about high-pitched or trebly guitar tones, blasting drums, devilish shrieking and heavy distortion with a somewhat of rocky rhythm and thrashy riffing.

The songs of this occult piece are filled with a ferocious energy that’s audacious and alarmingly fearsome. Usually I’m not a big fan of black metal but “Semen Serpentis” is one of those albums that makes me want to hear it again and again.

Artwork and photography by Occultum

Available both as a jewel case CD and digitally

"Semen Serpentis"

01 - Where Time Has Ceased to Be
02 - Descendants Of the Serpent
03 - Av Ormens Blod
04 - Sword of the Damned
05 - Poisonous Strems of Hraunn
06 - Seed of Apep
07 - Vilddjurets 

You can hear the premiere of "Sword Of the Damned" below


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