Friday, December 5, 2014

Apontokation with blood, sweat and tears

Apontokation is a death/thrash group coming from Guadix, Spain. The group arose in the beginnings of 2010 by the hand of Sijmen (Drums) and Patxi (Guitars), ex-members of bands from the same region. Little by little they composed some themes and tried to gather new players for the band. Before long Tito (guitars), Paco (Bass) and Antonio Vera (Vocals) were welcomed. After many shows they recorded their first demo ‘Awakening the Beast’ through Matxete Prod. Soon to follow the band played more concerts in Granada, Almeria and other citys. A few months later Tito leaves the band and returns to his home city where, due to an unfortunate accident, he passed away in 2013. Despite the emptiness feeling in all members of the band they move on and record their second demo entitled ‘Bloody Carnival’. Thereafter Paco also decides to leave Apontokation for personal reasons and Gustavo enters in his place. After a few months of rehearsing the band was prepared to participate in Exorcismo Vaginal Fest with bands such as Avulsed, Manica, Death Illusion and Ever Silence. Antonio Vera also left the group and in his places comes Manu Garzon, an old acquaintance of the regional metal scene. With Patxi, Sijmen, Gustavo and Manu Garzon the new formation recorded ‘Human Chaos’ single. The single is a taste of what the forthcoming work of the band will be.

I listened to the various works the band released, and from what I could hear they’ve been evolving well. Their initial sound (‘Awakening the Beast’ demo) was litlle produced, very raw but strong still. They presented that old school rooted death/thrash metal with some very nice musical phrases. The quartet second demo ‘Bloody Carnival’ demonstrated a solid growth of the band’s sound. The production of the demo also changed displaying a better quality in terms of fluency. Nevertheless there are some passages that could be a litlle different. Take the intro of the song ‘M.O.S.H’ for an exemple – before the blast beat drumming you can hear an awesome guitar “screaming” that could be mixed higher. And that happens again almost in the end of the song. When the fast riffing enters after the solo you can hear a pick slide technique that could be also mixed higher. In the album-titled song you can hear some fails in the music especially in the solo. The hammer-ons and pull-offs aren’t perfect but it doesn’t make big difference since it makes the work more “real” with a “live-act” feeling.

What made me excited about Apontokation was the single ‘Human Chaos’. This single was a huge leap for the band. I can actually say that hearing this single was a totally new experience. It was almost like hearing a different band. The fact is that the music bears a much more professional touch in all aspects, be it the composition, be it the production. The contrast between the “child” Apontokation and the “matured” Apontokation is so high that i got the impression of “blood, sweat and tears” in their work. What got me to think was that in ‘Human Chaos’ the band didn’t conform with the death/thrash style. They went further using vocal techniques used usually in black metal.

If this new single is a bit of what is to come then it can only be good.

You can hear Apontokation below.

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Bloody Carnival

Human Chaos

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