Sunday, December 7, 2014

Foreshadow's 'The Stranger End of Death' Limited Time Full EP

What’s the meaning of life? Who the fuck cares! Why bother trying to answer such question when you can just lean back on your couch scratching your balls, have a few beers and listen to mind-blowing metal?! Yeah, I know… that seems a little barbaric but for “primitive” music you need primitive measures. Foreshadow…Here’s a death/black/thrash metal band that fits perfectly that primal category. Hailing from Tampa, Florida they present the old school and harcore style proper from the United States scene but with a touch of their own musicality. With a sound that both suits the “underground” listener and the “commercial” listener the band performs with “life-giving”, provocative, intense, fresh yet nostalgic extreme music.
The Stranger End of Death

I gotta say that i love this band. These guys made me get up early this morning to write these same lines. This precise moment I’m hearing their ‘The Stranger End of Death’ EP (released independently in 2012) while headbanging, and let me say that it’s still 9 am on a Saturday without work and studies. I’m a crazy? Well, maybe I am, maybe not! But the fact is that I’m enjoying every single note of these 26:42 minutes of awesomeness. Imposing and simple yet “earworm” riffs from the guitar man Aaron Robinson, a cool strong and deep growling from the big frontman Daniel “Corkscrew” McConaghy, furious and technical drumming from the impeccable Jon McDonald and an irreproachable bass playing from Chris Billingsley; this is what you’ll get from Foreshadow. What I also enjoy about the band is that you can actually “capture” the bass unlike many other bands.

The quartet uses their musical skills with a grand variation of elements to comment upon the lies that enveloped as truth amongst humans. With influences such as Slayer, Lamber of God, Nile, Pantera and others, the band shows diversity, vision and creativity. Mainly, Foreshadow wants to inform, motivate, and enlighten the mind set of their listeners.

I totally forgot to mention that this band exists since 2008, the same year they released ‘Nations of Failure’ CD. This fact and adding the positive criticism of the ‘The Stranger End of Death’ EP shows that the members of the band work well together and they all have a natural ability when it comes to metal construction. And did you know that Foreshadow was a winner of 2014 IMEA Awards Best Metal Group as well as a Nominee for 2014 IMEA Award Best Metal Song? Crazy isn’t it? So why don’t you check this band out already?

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You can check the Limited Time full EP 'The Stranger End of Death' below

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