Monday, December 29, 2014

Dark conjurings of Varathron

01 - Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon
02 - Realm of Obscure
03 - Arcane Cnjuring
04 - Leprocious Lord
05 - The Bright Trapezium
06 - Death Chant
07 - Delve into the Past

Coming from the city of the demons Beled-L-Gin the dark entity Varathron summons black metal melodies and explores the hideous path of the dark lord. As an avid metal listener I feel ashamed for not knowing this band. These guys are veterans in the dark art of extreme music. With 20 years of existence and with already 19 works released of which 5 are full length it’s no wonder the quality of the their summonings.

Formed in 1988, the widely respected and long-running black metal act continues to deliver mid-paced riffs that have a classic, old-school feel strengthened by a progressive view, as well as ritual-like atmospheres. The godfathers of the Hellenic black metal scene released 21 November their fifth conjuring entitled ‘Untrodden Corridors of Hades’.

The production of ‘Untrodden Corridors of Hades’ is plain and lucid but keeping the rawness of the summonings. It was recorded, mixed and engineered by Kostas Kalampokas in Infinite Loop Music Studio and mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll in Strype Audio (1349, Arcturus, Darkthrone, Emperor, Code, Ulver). Artwork by Mark Riddick (Arsis, Absu, Mystifier, Nun Slaughter, The Black Dahlia Murder).

‘Untrodden Corridors of Hades’ is an epic 7 track piece that’s complex but simple to the ear. In general the album is composed by long songs with much to savor. For me the most incredible thing about it is the hostile soundscapes. The ambient of the album takes in a journey that’s frighteningly mighty. With the demonic vocality, spellcasting chants and the insane instrumental component Varathron appears as the incarnation of the torpitude and wickedness in form of music.

Their black metal isn’t the common one nor the vulgar. The band present a unique sound that can be easily recognized as their. The progressive touch to the old school style transforms their tunes into ravenous beasts. With a wide sonority spectrum one could only expect a grand variation and diversity throughout the songs and that happens in a very natural way without confusing passages.

To conclude the latest band’s release is a must for black metal lovers. If you like bands such as Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Beherit, early Samael and Celtic Frost than you will surely like Varathron. I will be listening this huge piece for times to come, just to let you know how great the music of ‘Untrodden Corridors of Hades’ is.

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