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TimecodE's 'Lapses'

Hi my fellow metallers. After a night of Christmas eve I feel sober, what about you? No? That’s probably because you blacked out with all the buzz you drank. Just kidding. Here in Portugal the tradition is getting together with your family and to eat cod. We prefer food rather than drink, especially the sweets like custard, french toast with wine, sponge bread and other healthy and light things. Generally at midnight we open the presents and then we play cards and stuff like that. What happens in Portugal, stays in Portugal! Ha ha ha. But I’m not here to talk about Christmas traditions, I’m writing these lines because you guys fucking want metal right? Or are you going to listen to shitty Christmas songs till the New Year? I surmised as much that you wouldn’t. Don’t need to thank me…

So, lets get down to business! They play death thrash metal and they come from Santiago, Chile where they were formed in April 1994 under the name Hideous Prophylaxis. From 1995 to 1998 the band was Celso Garcés (guitar), Pablo Vera (bass) and Fernando Caviedes (drums) and they changed the band’s name to Cagadera, meaning, diarrhea (shitty name literally). In 2001 new members arrived and with Abraham Lazo (vocals) and Ricardo Espinoza (guitar) being hosted into the formation, the band acquires its current style, concepts and sound… TimecodE emerged.
Much has happened since. They released the ‘Endless Feelings’ record via Dutch label Real Noise Records on July 2003. By 2004 they lost Fernando and Pablo and took in Victor Trujillo (bass) and Danilo Estrella (drums). With the new line-up, TimecodE independently released the DVD ‘Live in Confinement’ in 2006. Their first album entitled ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ was released in July 2009. Abraham Lazo left the band after recording all of the main vocal arrangements for the album. The group got a record deal with Australis Records and searched for a new front man. Felipe ( worked with Mar de Grises and Aura Hiemis) joined permanently in November of 2010. During the first half of 2012, Australis Records releases the EP ‘Impediment To Cure’, which was a prelude for the oficial release of ‘Lapses’ in July 2012.

The production of the work is well achieved, not the old school type of death metal with raw production, very clean as well audible. ‘Lapses’ was recorded at Atomic Noise Studios & Santuariosonico by Igor Leiva. All the songs of the album were written by Celso Garcés except ‘Imbalance Result’ that was written by Celso and Danilo Estrella. Backing vocals by Andrés Pina and percussion support on ‘Spiral Eyes’ by Claudio Rodriguez. The man responsible for the cool artwork is calles Vladimir Chebakov.

With a total of 12 tracks ‘Lapses’ is the band’s second full length and with it they managed to position as one of the most representative Chilean death metal bands. With the release of this work they confirm themselves as a band with a sound that’s easily distinguishable. To me this album is more than death metal. They play with a natural progression that gives the genuine feeling of progressive metal. It’s also very melodic and with a trashy touch. So, the band presents a sober genre and style of playing without exaggerated and complicated compositions.

This is a good piece of death not only for those who listen to death but also for metal lovers in general. Strong riffs, powerful vocals, a technical playing style, Cool drums… overall: A album that’s easy to enjoy and cool to headbang to. Check out TimecodE and rock on \m/

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1- Antesala
2- Severe Episodes of Lunacy
3- Imbalance Result
4- Grieving
5- Lapses
6- Erratic
7- The Spiral Eyes
8- Impediment to Cure
9- Trastorno
10- Hausdorff Space
11- Lasting Sequel
12- Desenlace

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