Friday, January 16, 2015

Code's masterpiece - 'MUT'

What about a travel through an inert timeline? I don’t often get the ephemeral sensation that life evokes, but when I do I hide in “music’s cozy womb”. There are a few “pearls” from time to stopping the clock, transforming your thoughts, releasing your mind from all the craps and giving life to a meaningful contemplation of the void. That’s a unique feeling right there – the permanence with your own being and the consciousness of music as a vehicle carrying us into the depths of total darkness. Those “pearls”, those sweet, addictive and endless “pearls” are the monumental tracks of Code’s latest album ‘MUT’.

There’s much to say about Code but above all their music “speaks” for itself. It’s extremely difficult to faithfully express a musical masterpiece in words, especially when a great variety of feelings assault you but it’s precisely therein that lies the rewarding experience of listening and reviewing such a bloodcurdling piece.

With a complex and an extensive sonority ranging from an epic ‘Tool’-like surreal voyage to a ‘Opeth’-like hallucinogenic progressiveness, ‘MUT’ represents the band’s dynamism in an unique way. However don’t expect to hear marked influences… Code made it with no reference points. You can only count with a free from conventions and limitations work that’s ambitious, intimate and emotional.

This blend of introspective soundscapes contemplating bitter melodies and chaotic deconstructed structures shows the group’s dexterity when it comes to the composition of beautiful yet frightening tunes.

If you expect something really strong with powerful riffs, fast drumming and deep harsh vocals you can stop right there and go back to your usual daily genre. There’s almost nothing about metal in Code’s ‘MUT’. It is, in exchange, all about atmosphere and the cosiness of gloomy noises… and no better way to deal with it except an avantgarde and experimental style like the prog post rock.

Demonstrating their hugeness with forces such as ‘undertone’, a calm but rich song, ‘affliction’, a much more tenebrous tune and ‘numb, an author’, a catchy and potent beat, the quintet exceeded their foundations and created a work that any good music lover should have.

'MUT' was recorded in the famed Brighton Electric Studios (The Cure, Foals, Nick Cave, Royal Blood) with the engineer and producer Paul 'Win' Winstanley. Artwork and layout by Austrian designer Thomas Neulinger. Street date - 27/02/2015

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01 - on blinding larks (3:22)
02 - undertone (3:38)
03 - dialogue (5:24)
04 - affliction (3:26)
05 - contours (4:17)
06 - inland sea (4:13)
07 - cocoon (3:24)
08 - numb, an author (3:26)
09 - the bloom in the beast (4:36)

Aort - Guitars
Andras - Guitars
LORDt - Drums
Syhr - Bass
Waian - Vocals

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