Thursday, January 22, 2015

Imperial Triumphant's 'Abyssal Gods'

New York is one hell of a city… I can hear the underground clubs cracking with blackened death metal, I can visualize the earthquakes breaking the city streets, I can hear the thunderous storms forming in the black skies above the buildings, I can feel the fragility and frailty of human existence and the ephemerality of life. Such are the images and feelings that Imperial Triumphant gives me with ‘Abyssal Gods’ album.

The band was formed in 2005 with the purpose of transcending the mainstream bases of metal and to create a vanguardist black sound, categorized by futuristic elements of modern black metal. Composing inharmonious melodies, devastating ambients and technically superior soundscapes since 2005, the group is formed by Ilya (vocals and guitars), Malave (bass), Cohen (drums) and Grohowski (also playing drums). Their influences range from Deathspell Omega to Polish Post-Serialism composer Krzysztof Penderecki, thus the peculiar, unconventional and bizarre musicality.

‘Abyssal Gods’ is a monster of a work. There are few bands capable of expressing such complex ingenuity and “spirit”, preserving at the same time a unique identity. This is what Imperial Triumphant does with a dark splendor – the transformation of deconstructed, well established roots in brilliant, terrorizing and modern opus.

It’s easy to capture the American style in their playing. The quartet displays an almost blues/jazz orientated sonority. In addition, to top it off, there’s a grand variation in the band’s blends, ranging from black, death, atmospheric to a post-serialism influenced genre. This is why I was immediately attracted by the grotesque essence of Imperial Triumphant. Not to mention the great quality of the album’s production. The complexity of the band’s creations could easily turn the production in a bloomer, but that’s obviously not the case. The constant change of rhythm, the inconsistent features of the songs (in a strangely pleasant way) and the difficult compositions don’t spoil the work at all.

The 10 track album, containing a total of 40:31 minutes, is a masterpiece of black metal. One can’t simply name one song of the work and talk about it. The monstrous piece must be “attacked” as a whole; the listener needs to spend his time searching for the gems that can be found all over the music. It offers a journey to experience over and over again.

I highly recommend ‘Abyssal Gods’. Not only will you be able to headbang to intense music, you will also be able to calmly savour every single note transpired by these weird beings of black metal. The album will be released on February 2015 through code 666. Check it and rock on \m/.

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01 - From Palaces
02 - Abyssal Gods
03 - Dead Heaven
04 - Celestial War Rape
05 - Opposing Holiness
06 - Krokodil
07 - Twins
08 - Vatican Lust
09 - Black Psychedelia
10 - Metropolis

Listen Imperial Triumphant's song 'Sodom' from previous album 'Goliath' below:

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