Saturday, February 14, 2015

Burweed's debut 'HIDE'

It seems that more and more post metal bands are emerging from the darkest abysses. Burweed is a post metal/sludge group born in Finland on May 2009. With six years of existence the crafty and heavy trio is going to show how sludge is supossed to sound like and presents the debut album ‘HIDE’.

Burweed’s debut full-length HIDE comes out February 20th, 2015 on Inverse Records. Hide was recorded in 2013 at Korkeakoski Studios (Insomnium, Bob Malmström). The record was mixed by Antti Loponen, the mastermind behind Consciousness Removal Project, and mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (responsible of mastering Converge, Sleep. Sunn O))) among others).

After two well acclaimed EP releases, the process of making the debut turned out to be very sweaty. Nearly two years in the making, ‘HIDE’ album was a long and difficult task – says the band.

It’s easy to understand why confidence becomes so delicate when things start to go wrong. That’s precisely when you get frustrated with everything and everyone. But it’s also a good thing when that happens because it makes you rethink, analyze and rectify the smallest details. In the end you’re just happy that it’s over, your hard work paid off and the results are positive. This was what happened with the sludgy band. After experiencing low confidence moments and with renewed spirit the band rose from uncertainty; the debut was completed and ready to assault its listeners.

Burweed is like a mixture of ‘Tool’ mystic-like melodies with ‘Mastodon’ berserk riffing and the grooviness of ‘Deftones’. Their sound is very atmospherical, the proper sound of post metal and shows a cool duality between thick distortions and gloomy melodies. In their work ‘HIDE’ you’ll be able to find slow and mid tempo rhythms, catchy and “in the face” riffs, clean guitar, psychedelic touches, deep ambients and much more. They aren’t on the verge of nothing new but they sure do know how to fucking sludge your face off.

Overall: A album to listen as a whole. There’s not a single boring moment in this album, however, you need to capture its nature by hearing it as you should – from the beginning to the end. If you like Sludge with more to it than the simple heavy and distorted this will suit you like a glove.

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01 - Swallow
02 - Lye
03 - Lie
04 - Dilate
05 - Tire Iron
06 - Hide/Defend

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