Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Clamfight: "I Versus The Glacier" isn`t only good... it`s fucking amazing

90´s, Basement jams, Nirvana covers, high school guitar recitals, seeking vocals, naming the band and rock, lots of rock… there´s something special about this ingredients that brings me a enormous sense of joy and satisfaction, that makes me want to step back in time to the old, worn, dry and raw sound, to those tiny practice rooms covered with dust, with a musty smell and stains of beer, from the last rehearsal, on the floor, to the heavy local gigs and first fans mosh until  those crazy rusty vans taking the band on a massive tour through the world.

If that´s the felling you are looking for then Riffmongering Westmont, New Jersey-based Clamfight are here to offer a huge amount of sick and indigested rock with many influences that will meet your expectations with their newest and second album “I Versus The Glacier”, almost fifty minutes of blasting, roaring and crude music.

Regardless of being founded in September 2002, the band has begun rising around 1996 when Louis Koble (current bass) and Andy Martin (current drums/vocals) started playing in Andy´s basement. Thereafter musicians and friends have come and gone and the band was named two times: “Frezeerburn” and “Too Faced”. Those who stayed wanted to let go “Too Faced” and move on with a simple project that would keep things fun but always with the grand intensity of the band´s core… so Andy Martin, Louis Koble, Joel Harris (guitar) and Sean McKee (guitar) decided to form Clamfight (the name surged while watching a nameless movie).

When I say Clamfight is rock I’m only talking about the bases, that´s only the tip of the iceberg because they are influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Mastodon, Sleep, Down, High on Fire, EyeHateGod, Lamb of God, in other words they have a huge spectrum of kick ass old school rock/grunge influences like simple, catchy and harsh guitar riffs and solos but also a metallic sound brought by the thrash riffing, the heaviest side of the band that gives extra boost to their style transforming them into a metal quartet. Still as if that wasn´t enough they play with different styles and tempos using sludge, that good mixture of doom and noisy rock/grunge, thrash and also a pinch of melodic metal to complement their rooted style. 

Clamfight delivers a varied fan of styles well secured and clearly distinct throughout the nine track work “I Versus The Glacier”. Tastes can´t be discussed and in my opinion the album is a killer and I enjoyed every minute of it but I was immediately addicted and more inclined to the repetitive chords and slow sludge in songs such as “River of Ice” and “Mountain” and to those raw phrases of pure hard rock that remind Corrosion of Conformity that you can hear in “Age of Reptiles” and “The Green Gods of Yag”.

It can only be good if you headbang till the last song of a band´s album… it wasn´t only good it was fucking amazing, this work unleashes pure adrenaline, 9 tracks of heavy metal, 9 tracks loaded with raging energy. With this second release Clamfight showed that they continue solid, united and strong and they will be playing music for themselves and for those who are faithful to their music.

Using their words:
"If you don't like what you hear, we really don't care because we're going to keep playing heavy songs about rogue waves and bluefish because we enjoy it."

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The Eagle
Shadow Line
I vs. the Glacier
Age of Reptiles
River of Ice
The Green Gods of Yag
Stealing the Ghost Horse

 “I Versus The Glacier" with release date to January, 22nd 2013.

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