Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LORD AGHEROS Unveils New Video “Thanatos”

I usually don´t analyze music videos, normally  from time to time appears one or another by which I´m interested and thus arises the desire to do the review and this is the case. When I reviewedDemiurgo” the latest album of Lord Agheros I found something more than just a good work to listen, something more than entertainment, even more than art, I found inspiration, motivation, justice, beauty, melancholy, sadness through a vast and complete feast of music. I mean if you already listened to this atmospheric symphony then you know what I´m talking about, it´s plain and simple to understand the journey of the Human soul during our existence and that we are “Demiurgo´s” (creators) of ourselves, shaping the material hidden in us. This was the main reason why I wanted so much to review Lord Agheros` music video for the song “Thanatos” in a more personal perspective and not just as a professional reviewer.

Thanatos” in the Greek Mythology is one of the sons of Nix and Erebo and represents the death, the inevitable fate of man that torments our souls but at the same time brings a sense of relief in the end of the existence and that teach us to “expect the unexpected”.

The video shows what appears to be the inside of a house that I deliberately wanted to represent as the inside of Human being, the soul (that holds “Demiurgo”) that as in the video sometimes is dark and evil and other times is bright and good. This is a well conceived and beautiful video that can be analyzed by anyone according to what you think of it but clearly demonstrates the message of “Thanatos” with phrases and lyrics scattered through it. In general praises harmoniously the music of Lord Agheros. Check it out below.

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- Chapter I
1. Prologue
2. Eris
3. Styx
4. Thanatos
5. Moros
6. Nemesi
7. Lyssa
8. Letum
9. Erebo
- Chapter II
10. Nyx
11. Oizys
12. Emera
13. Geras
14. Lysimele
15. Ker
16. Apate
17. Etere

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