Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LORD AGHEROS Streaming The sixth son "Lyssa"

LORD AGHEROS is back with one of the most incredible, complex and amazing releases of the year.

Demiurgo”, with its two indivisible souls, is a wonderful atmospheric piece of music that fits in well with these dark times. Musically it is a perfect balance between the obscure and extreme Black Metal elements overwhelmed with atmospheric and Ambient parts, so to represent in sounds the real essence of this decadent era.

... The trek starts with a prologue; an Italian voice speaks of the principle of time, creation and destruction and this opens the path to the first part of “Demiurgo”. The first son is Eris the personification of discord. The second son is Stix the personification of hate. The third son is Thanatos, the personification of death. The fourth son is Moros, the personification of destiny. The fifth son is Nemesi, the personification of vengeance. The sixth son is Lyssa (BELOW), the personification of madness. The seventh son isLetum, the personification of dissolution.  The end of the first chapter comes with a chaotic disharmony of sounds, with Erebohimself, the personification of darkness.

Nix, the personification of night is the inspiring energy that makes the second Chapter begin with a rainy ambient and cloudy mood and dictates what we can expect from this section. The eighth son is Oizys, the personification of misery. The ninth son isEmera, the personification of day. The tenth son is Geras, the personification of age. The eleventh son is Lysimele, the personification of love. The twelfth son is Ker, the personification of violent death. The thirteenth son is Apate, the personification of deception. And the final son is Etere, the personification of light/sky. Etere marks the end of the second Chapter and of this revitalizing work of art with the achievement of light after a large period of darkness, the perfect ending...

Don't be afraid of the dark, be the dark and listen to this magnificent soundtrack of the Apocalypse. 

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LORD AGHEROS Interviewed: Colossal journey through “Demiurgo” here.

- Chapter I
1. Prologue
2. Eris

3. Styx
4. Thanatos
5. Moros
6. Nemesi
7. Lyssa
8. Letum
9. Erebo
- Chapter II
10. Nyx
11. Oizys
12. Emera
13. Geras
14. Lysimele
15. Ker
16. Apate
17. Etere

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