Monday, April 8, 2013

Shining: Another Awesome Video Released “I Won’t Forget”

A few weeks ago Shining released a clip from the band ’s upcoming video in a short and mysterious teaser. Now the full music video for the single “I Won’t Forget”, taken from their upcoming album “One One One”, is finally being released. Its proper science fiction film look gels naturally with the futuristic production of the audio track, and creates a music video that perfectly portrays the unique aesthetics of the Blackjazz Rebels from up north.

“We are extremely happy and excited to finally be able to show you our new video! The song “I Won’t Forget” is my absolute favorite of all the tracks we’ve ever made, and to be able to top this track off with such a beautiful, crisp and clean science fiction video is a dream come true”, says Shining’s front man, Jørgen Munkeby.

Director Kyrre Larsen, from the Blæst production company, comments: “Since I first heard Blackjazz, I've somehow associated the sound of Shining's music with science-fiction. I tried to create a sense of this in the video for "Fisheye” in 2012. "I Won't Forget" builds on that video, but I wanted to take things one step further - and also avoid the style of imagery usually associated with heavier music.”

The avant-garde Norwegian group Shining – whose unique "blackjazz" hybrid of extreme progressive metal, experimental jazz-fusion and industrial precision has earned extensive international acclaim – will release "One One One," their first studio album in three years, this spring in North America and Europe. The album, which is available now for pre-order, will be released digitally in North America on April 23, with physical releases on CD and gatefold LP to follow soon after.

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