Thursday, July 11, 2013

EXHUMATION stream new song "Ritual" (BLASPHEMY cover)

The young and morbid Death Metal horde EXHUMATION from Yogyakarta (Indonesia) attack with a unique and bestial Death Metal sound that is blasphemed with a potential from hell!

Can be heard below a bonus song and brilliant cover version of canadian cult horde BLASPHEMY that will be available on the european edition of EXHUMATION's release with the title "Hymn for your God", to be released in late 2013 by Dunkelheit Produktionen.


1. All Seeing Eye 
2. The Apotheosis 
3. Parasites and Enemies 
4. Omnipotent
5. Dominion 
6. Hymn to Your God
7. Ritual (Blasphemy)

Hymn for your God

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